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All the kids in the south park are now eighteen years old, they are seniors in high school. This story is about Bebe and Wendy and their enconter with a Jewel theif.
Bebe was walkin to Wendy's house, today they were going to the mall to hang out, after that they did not know what they were going to do. When Bebe got to wendys house she was right there waiting on her. "Hey bebe how is going" Wendy said. "It is going pretty good" said Bebe. "Well lets head to the mall" Bebe said. They proceded to the mall, but  when they got there they say a certain fatass named Eric Cartman. Wendy had a huge crush on Cartman, in fact last week she dumped Stan because he had Sex with Lexus one of the rasins girs, but she really was not in love with stan, she had a big thing for Eric Cartman, even though he was one of the biggist assholes in the entire earth. Eric saw Wendy and Bebe and walked up to them  "Hey bitch and ho, what is going on, I bet you two are having a sex orge" cartman said as he laughed. "Shut up you fat fuck" Bebe said, or "I will kick you in the nuts". Cartman said "well Bebe you look like you have gotton pretty fat, prettty soon you will be crushing wendy during sex" Cartman said as he laughed some more. "So Wendy how was it to know that Stan had sex with a much hotter girl than you, I really cannot blame him after all you would make medusa turn to stone" said Cartman. "Shut the fuck up Cartman" Wendy said with furious anger. Cartman said "well I better take my leave before I get a diesese from you to bitches". Cartman took his leave, "wow what a prick" Wendy said. As much much as she hated him, so knew deep down he was a good person, and really was not bad looking.  " You know Cartman is cute, I still want him on day though he is a dick I know he is not because he sent me a nice message to me after stan cheated on me he tried to hid it was it him, but butters told me he is a great guy. "said Wendy.  Bebe was stunned by this news"You can have him I want cute little butters" Bebe said, latley Bebe wanted Butters because he is so sweet and kind. "Well let us resume what we were doing before we inturputed by that fat fuck" said Bebe.  Wendy agreed and for  little while they broswed around the mall but they found nothing that was worth buying, but they stopped a saw a art exhbit it was a dimanond they were showing. "Wow, that is a nice dimanond they have there" Wendy said. "Yeah it is beutiful" said Bebe. "Ladies and Gentelmen this a is a frech dimanond worth over 90000 dollars" said the man who owned , as the crowed whooded. However everything went black and then when the lights came back on it was gone, and the man who owned said"Oh my god my dimaond". The police soon came but it was to late, they soon saw on secruity fotage that the dimaond had been taken by Don Turtelli a master criminal. Bebe said "Well Wendy so much for that show, poof like that the dimaond was gone". "Yeah so much for that lets see what else there is to do" said Wendy and Bebe agreed. When they went outside they looked a different shops around the city. "You know Bebe we should have gone to Denver me and you are planning on going to college there anyway" Wendy said. "Yeah there is not much to do here in South park today" said Bebe. All of a sudden one of turtellis goons who was a complete idiot was running with the dimanod that was stolen, all of a sudden he trips and falls losing the dimanod. Bebe then picks it up, and the man said "Hey give that back". "Run Wendy" said Bebe as they did with Wendy in confusion. When they were good and away from the man Wendy said"Hey what are you doing Bebe we do not even care about this thing". "We need to hid the dimanod Wendy, and give it back to the owner " said Bebe, and Wendy said "I guess you are right bebe" . However as soon as they said that Turtelli and his thugs came and Bebe and Wendy ran. "Cmon Wendy" said Bebe and Wendy replied "I am running the fastest I can. When they saw they were almost cornerd they stopped and ran into an open house. "We lost them wendy" said Bebe. "Wendy replied for now Bebe" said Wendy. "So how we are we going to aviod those guys" asked Wendy. Bebe replied"We need to be very caruefull and sneak out as queit as possible". "I agree said Wendy" but when they tried to to leave Turtelli came into the house. "Well well looks like you two are caught btw this is my house"said Turtelli. "Dang it we went into his house. " said bebe and then Wendy said "Bebe this way" said wendy. They ran up the stairs and dogeged turtelli quite a few times, but were eventally cornered by a run upstaris on the right. "Give that to me" Turtelli said as snatched the dimanod  away from Bebe. "WelL we are caught" bebe said defeted. Wendy said "we are they have the what they want". Turtelli said "What are you going to do with these two" said one of goons said. Turtelli said well "we will make them pay and teach them to never steal from me again" said Turtelli. "We should we teach them a lessonbut how  " said Turelli. Bebe and Wendy were taken into the room and it was locked. "I am trying to figure out a way to get them, oh I have a idea" said turtelli. "What you going to do" asked bebe. Then turtelli said"I have an lets tickle them, but not anywhere but on their feet, put them in the chairs and tie them down". The goons tied down Wendy and Bebe Bebe in the left chair and Wendy in the right. Soon after that turtelli said"Now take off their shoes and socks". Turtelli took off Bebe's shoes, while the other took wendy shoes off, then turtelli took off Bebe's socks making here barefooted. Her bare feet wiggled around, then the other goon took off Wendy's socks off making her barefooted as well, her bare feet wiggled as well. Soon both Wendy and Bebe's bare feet were to a stool in front of them. Bebe said "Wow Wendy red toenail polish like mine" noticing wendys toes, both her and wendy were not barefoot often. Wendy said"Thanks" Turtelli got a big box of Feathers and both girls knew that would be laughing soon. Turtelli sat on a chair next to Bebe's feet got a big feather and started ticking Bebe's bare feet. "HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAH" said bebe as the feather went up down on her feet. HEHEHHEHEHOHOOHHAHAHOHOHOHOAOAOAO laughted bebe. The feather contined ticking her bare feet as she counited laughing. One of the goons went to Wendy's bare feet and got anothor feather. He then started tickling Wendys bare feet with the feather stoking it up and down. Wendy was trying to hold in her laughter. hHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHOAOHOHAOHHOHEEHEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEE said bebe as turtelli tickled her bare feet with the feather. The other goon was still tickling Wendy's bare feet with the feather and she was still trying not to laugh, but having a hard time. Turtelli should this is what you get get for stealing the dimanond as he contined ticking the soles of bebe's bare feet with his feather. Bebe said HAHAHHAHHEHEOEOO hhaha You are getting us good AHHAHAHA" as here bare soles were being tickled with a feather intestly.As the other goon was still tickling wendy bare feet with anothor feater wendy was still trying not to laugh.   "HAHAHAHAHHAAEHHEHEHEHOHO Wendy just let it go and laugh you cannot get away from it  bebe said" as her bare feet were still being tickled with the feather. Wendy said well I am not weak like you no offense my freind I am going to stay strong as the feather continued tickling here bare feet. HHAAAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHEHEHEEEEEEEEEE Bebe said you should let go and laugh, this is acaully pretty fun who would ever thought being caught by bad guys would be  HAHAHAHHEHEHEH fun HAHA though I want this to stop HAHHAHAH" as he bare feet still being tickled, the feather still stroking them intensly. Things would get a lot worse as turtelli got out anothor feather and gave it to anothor goon who joined turtelli and used that feather to tickle Bebe's feet, now Bebe had to feather tickling her bare feet. AHFHAHHFHA Bebe laughed in response to the second feather. Soon anothor goon went to Wendy's bare feet that already being tickled and started tickling her bare feet along with the other goon and as soon as that happend she started laughing a lot. AHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHHOHOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHAHAHAHEHHEHEHEH looks like I am joing you bebe HAAHAHEHEHHEHEHEHEHHOHOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOHOHOHHEHEHEHHE"  said wendy as here bare feet were now being tickled by two feathers. "AHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Glad you are to, but wish we could get out of HAHA here AHAHAHHHA" said Bebe as both of her bare feet were being tickled with two feathers. Wendy laughed"HAHAHAHAHEHEEHHOHOHAAHAHHA this is fun I agree hopefully we can escape soon AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHA" as here bare feet were still being tickled by both feathers. For four straight hours both Bebe and Wendy's bare feet were tickled with two feathers as they both laughed very loud. Then Turtelli said"start tickling the toes". Turtelli started tickling Bebe's toes as the other counited with his feather contined tickling her bare feet. Bebe laughed louder than she had all night, she said AHAHAHHAAHAHEHEHEHOHAHAHAHHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOHOHOOHOHOHOHHOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH my toes being tickled HAHAHAHEHOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" as both feathers still tickled her bare feet and toes. Then the one of the goons started tickling Wendy's toes with a feather to and she laughed even louder. "HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHHHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE mine to HEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAH" said wendy as here both here bare feet and toes were now being tickled. "Tickle Tickle gocho gochho goo " said Turtelli as both Wendy and bebe's bare feet and toes were still being tickled with feathers. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHOHOHOHO well your are tickling good HAHAHAHAHAHHEHEHEHHEH" said bebe as her bare feet and toes were tickled with the feather even harder. Wendy replies" HAHAHAHAHHAHHA I have never been tickled on bare feet and toes before with a feather HAHAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOHOHEOEOEOEOEOOEOE" Wendy laughed as the feather contined to tickle her bare bare feet and toes. For two hours both Wendy and Bebe's bare feet and now toes with both of them laughing quite a bit becuase of it. Turtelli and his goon stoped tickling bebe's And Wendy's toes then gave bebe's bare feet a couple of last tickles with the feather and stopped tickling her. Then other goons stooped gave wendy's bare feet a couple of last tickles with their feathers to, as soon as that happned both girls stooped laughing. Then Turtelli said "I hope you two learned your lessson". Bebe said "Well we did, we will never steal from you again. Turtelli said "you to seem to have fun from it in a way". Bebe said "when you tickled our bare feet with the feathers it was really fun, I agree I wanted it to stop but this was fun." Wendy replied" Me to I had a lot of fun I wanted it to stop but even the toes being tickled was fun." Turtelli and his goons then untied both Wendy and Bebe. Then Turtelli made a phone call and acullay bought the dimanod from the man and the man came by and turtelli gave him the money. Wendy asked "Why do you go to all that trouble if you were going to buy it anyway". Turtelli replied" I like the thrill of the chase, well I am going to let you two go." "Cool" Bebe said, then wendy said "cmon Bebe let go get our shoes and socks back on and get out here." "Then Turtelli said no wait just leave them off  and remain barefoot for the night, I am going back to my main house, you to can stay here for the night let me give a call to your parents." "Really thank you are nice" Bebe said, and Wendy Said "Yes thank you are a nice guy." "Well to be honest I really enjoyed you two, that is why I probaly captured you two and tickled your bare feet with my feathers and kept you here for while". "You should invite some people over here I need to use this house more than I doin fact you can stay here all weeked" Turtelli said. Turtelli made phone calls to both girls parents and got approval and headed back to his house he mainly stays at, they both thanked him once again for the use of the house and talked for while before he did. "Well Bebe he turned out to be nice" Wendy said, "yeah he did" said Bebe. "Hey Bebe he said anyone lets invite over Cartman and Butters and show them our love for them, we will tell them we have some important news then to take them to seprate rooms and have sex with htme. ". Bebe replied "That is a great idea" . So they called Cartman and Butters over, and later they both arrived. "What is this news bitch and ho going to do an orge with each otherHAHAHAH" he said. Butters said" What orge you and bebe, I will leave it is not right for me to look." Then Wendy smiled and said "well not with me and bebe but me and you and Bebe and Butters". Then Bebe jumped on butters and said "that is right lover boy lets get it on". "OHAHAH" is all butters could say, then Wendy jumped on Cartmen and said "you are not that bad of guy Eric, plus sexy as hell admit it you love me. Cartmen would not admit it so bebe and wendy tied him down to chair and put stool in front of him then bebe and wendy took his shoes then socks off making him barefooted, and bebe and wendy were still barefoot and would remain that way all night. Then they tied his feet to the stool and each girl got out a feather. "Okay Cartman admit you love me or me and bebe  I will tickle you bare feet with these feathers right now. "No way" said Cartmen. "Okay then enjoy the tickling" said bebe and wendy replied "enjoy Eric" as she smiled. They procced to tickle his bare feet with the feathers HEHEHEHEHHHOHOHOHOOAHAHHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAH stop HAHAHA eric said."Then admit your love Eric since you sent me that postcard that was really  nice you are a nice person gocho goo tickle tickle". AHAHHAHA BUtters you black asshole" Cartman said, and butters relpied jesus sorry eric. Wendy and bebe tickled his bare feet with the feathers for 1 hour before he broke down and amited it. "I love you you are the girl of my dreams heheheheHEHHOHOHOHOHOAHHAHA. Wendy and Bebe stopped tickling his feet, then cartman said"I want to marry you and have your baby one day. Wendy then hugged Eric and kissed then said"30 more minutes of tickling". Bebe and Wendy tickled Cartmans bare feet and toes for an hour while he laughed. Then Wendy untied Cartman then bebe said "lets tickle butters" and butters relpied "hamburgers" and tried to run but was tackled by wendy and bebe. They brought him to the chair tied him but the stool in front of him and then took this shoes and socks off, making him barefooted, then got the feathers and wendy tickled his bare feet with the feathers while bebe tickled his toes,both his bare feet and toes were being tickled with feathers . "AHAHHAHAHAHHAHEHEHEHEEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHOH Oh my" said butters as wendy and bebe tickled his bare feet and toes with the feathers. Bebe said" Butters you are beautiful and cute tickle tickle" as she tickled his toes some more. His bare feet and toes was tickled with feather by bebe and wendy for a hour then they stopped and untied butters. "I love you" bebe told butters as she hugged him and took him into a room to have sex with him. "Night Wendy" said Bebe and Wendy replied "Night enjoy". Then Bebe took butters into a room took off all her cloths and took off all his cloths and had sex for three hours. Then wendy hugged Cartman and took him into anothor room and took off all her cloths and his his then had sex with him for 3 hours as well. After the sex "I love you" said Wendy, "I love you does make you me you my girlfreind"  said Cartman, Wendy rolled over and smiled and said"Yes love of my life". They kissed goodnight, it turned out to be an intersting night.
Wendy and Bebe are captured and foot tickled by Don Turtelli and then they foot tickle Butters and Cartman later on themselves. There is a lot of foot tickling in this fanfiction mostly bebe and wendy getting foot tickled. This is not for kids and there is sex in it.
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